The Mystery of the Sherman Ranch: Horror or Hoax?

According to Southwestern folklore, a Skinwalker is said to be a malevolent member of a Shamanic cult, or secret society, with the power to transform into various animals not unlike the An-yoto Ani-ota (West Africa’s Human Leopards). This parallel is particularly strong concerning the role of greed and petty jealousy motivating their applications of Black Magic. As with the Human… Read More »The Mystery of the Sherman Ranch: Horror or Hoax?

Werewolves? In America?

The folklore and campfire tales of the North American wilderness are rich with mysterious beasts and phantom creatures. The lake monsters and wampus cats might well have been mythological, or they may have been unknown species driven to extinction by the fur trade long before scientifically-minded explorers could document their existence. However, along with rumors of unknown yet plausible beasts,… Read More »Werewolves? In America?

Savannah Georgia: The Most Haunted City in America

I have had the dubious distinction of walking the streets of some famously haunted cities and towns. My empirical nature has been tested and teased from the spooky glades of Gettysburg to the shady alleys of New Orleans. I’ve climbed the infamous “Exorcist Steps” in Georgetown, and visited notorious Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. I’ve lived in more than one “haunted house”… Read More »Savannah Georgia: The Most Haunted City in America

Sasquatch and Wendigo: The Two Faces of the North American Hairy Man

A Study of the Persistence of Archetypal Wild Men, Mysterious Abductions, and Cannibalism in North America. For over a thousand years North Americans have described a mysterious phenomena that eludes conventional scientific explanations. Pictographs made by the ancestors of the Yokut people of central California depict a family group of three “hairy people” among the known fauna of their homeland.[fig.1]… Read More »Sasquatch and Wendigo: The Two Faces of the North American Hairy Man

Cartomancy FAQ

Q: What is Cartomancy? A: Since the dawn of recorded history, every human culture has developed its own form of divinatory arts. For thousands of years, fortune telling was a respected profession practiced with the utmost seriousness. Yet, despite this ancient pedigree, the specific art of telling fortunes using playing cards was only invented less than three hundred years ago,… Read More »Cartomancy FAQ

Phenomonology FAQ

Q: What is Phenomenology? A: In its most basic form, phenomenology attempts to create conditions for the objective study of topics usually regarded as subjective: consciousness and the content of conscious experiences. Although phenomenology seeks to be scientific, it does not attempt to study consciousness from the perspective of clinical psychology or neurology. Instead, it seeks to determine the essential… Read More »Phenomonology FAQ