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Cartomancy FAQ

Q: What is Cartomancy? A: Since the dawn of recorded history, every human culture has developed its own form of divinatory arts. For thousands of years, fortune telling was a respected profession practiced with the utmost seriousness. Yet, despite this ancient pedigree, the specific art of telling fortunes using playing cards was only invented less than three hundred years ago,… Read More »Cartomancy FAQ

Phenomonology FAQ

Q: What is Phenomenology? A: In its most basic form, phenomenology attempts to create conditions for the objective study of topics usually regarded as subjective: consciousness and the content of conscious experiences. Although phenomenology seeks to be scientific, it does not attempt to study consciousness from the perspective of clinical psychology or neurology. Instead, it seeks to determine the essential… Read More »Phenomonology FAQ

On Witch Hunts: A History of Gender, Politics, & Labor

Few phrases in the English language evoke the unique horror associated with the words “witch hunt” in any context. That specific form of religious persecution has become synonymous with injustice, so much so that notorious criminals will routinely invoke the words when deflecting questions about legitimate charges. The historical phenomena of witch hunts peaked between the 16th and 17th Centuries… Read More »On Witch Hunts: A History of Gender, Politics, & Labor

On Conspiracy Theories, extended

In my first installment I described how traditional authorities used disinformation campaigns to manipulate public opinion and hide their own misdeeds. The late 20th Century information technologies revolution democratized access to the documentation of violations of both civil and human rights on all levels of government around the globe. The facts of these conspiracies could no longer be hidden by… Read More »On Conspiracy Theories, extended

What Really Happened to the Hills

If you know the names Barney and Betty Hill today, it is mostly likely because of their famous abduction experience. Who Mister and Missus Hill were prior to the night of 19 September 1961 has been obscured by their harrowing reports of an encounter with an unidentified flying object and its inhuman crew. While driving through the White Mountains of… Read More »What Really Happened to the Hills

On Conspiracy Theories

My interest in conspiracy theories originated from my childhood fear of the woodland monsters commonly called Bigfoot. Whether or not you believe the creatures are real, there is no explanation for the phenomena that doesn’t involve some kind of conspiracy. Any hoax elaborate enough to be plausible requires multiple parties agreeing to keep schtum. The famous Patterson-Gimlin footage filmed in… Read More »On Conspiracy Theories

Devil Down the Hollow

An Occult Crime Watch preview… In a remote hollow of York County Pennsylvania, on night of the 28th of November 1928, an unlucky farmer named John Blymire set out with two teen-aged accomplices on a grim and superstitious mission. Blymire had been convinced by a fortuneteller that his ill-fortunes were the result of a Hex placed upon him by his… Read More »Devil Down the Hollow