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Beware The Beast of Jersey – Preview

An Occult Crime Watch Preview… The quaint Isle of Jersey in the English Channel is known for being closer to France than any other part of the UK, as well as its unique Norman-French dialect, pi…

Doc Mannix is on Patreon!

We are proud to announce the launch of Doc’s official Patreon blog where members can read exclusive uncensored Occult Crime Watch case studies that feature disturbing details unsuitable for gene…

Devil Down the Hollow

An Occult Crime Watch preview… In a remote hollow of York County Pennsylvania, on night of the 28th of November 1928, an unlucky farmer named John Blymire set out with two teen-aged accomplices …

The Mystery of the Sherman Ranch: Horror or Hoax?

According to Southwestern folklore, a Skinwalker is said to be a malevolent member of a Shamanic cult, or secret society, with the power to transform into various animals not unlike the An-yoto Ani-ot…

Werewolves? In America?

The folklore and campfire tales of the North American wilderness are rich with mysterious beasts and phantom creatures. The lake monsters and wampus cats might well have been mythological, or they may…

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