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On Witch Hunts: A History of Gender, Politics, & Labor

Few phrases in the English language evoke the unique horror associated with the words “witch hunt” i…

On Conspiracy Theories, extended

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What Really Happened to the Hills

If you know the names Barney and Betty Hill today, it is mostly likely because of their famous abduc…

Pazuzu Algarad’s Hell House – Preview

An Occult Crime Watch Preview… Pazuzu Algarad died of blood loss due to self-inflicted injurie…

Cthulhu (2007): A Subversive Twist on Lovecraft

From the title of the film we know this is going to be a Lovecraft inspired horror film, but they ma…

A lifelong occultist, Doc Mannix has decades of experience reading cards and studying the art of cartomancy.

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