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Gruß vom Krampus!

Behind the thin plastic shell of the Modern idea of Christmas as the "most magical time of the year"…

The Hellfire Club and the Art of Blasphemy

The first Hellfire Club was founded in 1719 at the George and Vulture tavern in the City of London b…

The Haunted Highway: Route 1 and the Legend of the Goatman – Preview

Running from the tip of Florida to the top of Maine, US Route 1 was the first major construction pro…

Human Leopard Societies and the Politics of the Taboo – Preview

In the introduction to The Mystery of the Sherman Ranch: Horror or Hoax, I mentioned the notable par…

Who’s Afraid of the Shadow People? – Preview

For the most part, the articles I publish are the product of a traditional journalistic methodology.…

A lifelong occultist, Doc Mannix has decades of experience reading cards and studying the art of cartomancy.

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